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ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

Safeguard your most valuable business assets when an emergency arises.

Protecting your business and the people within should be your number one priority. That’s why having a ULC fire alarm monitoring system installed is a wise decision. It will give you peace of mind knowing your most valuable assets are being protected.

CCSI is ULC Certified to monitor building fire alarm systems

CCSI adheres to ULC-S561-13 Standard to monitor your businesses Fire Panel System. The monitoring transmitter panel CCSI provides must be connected to a Fire Code compliant fire alarm system or sprinkler system. This means that the system is installed to the relevant standards in the fire code and building code, and is maintained according to ULC standard. CCSI issues ULC Certificates to meet occupancy requirements.

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

CCSI provides ULC-approved fire alarm monitoring services for buildings in Alberta and British Columbia. Our services include:

Why ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Matters

From regulatory compliance to overall system reliability, here are some reasons why you may need ULC fire alarm monitoring:

Required by Code:

Building codes in Alberta require certain buildings to have ULC fire alarm monitoring. Various municipal legislation also may mandate your building to have a ULC-certified fire alarm monitoring system.

System Reliability:

ULC approval signifies a qualified ULC technician installed your fire alarm monitoring system to the highest standard. The system CCSI installs, undergoes a thorough annual inspection, ensuring the reliability of the system.


Your insurance company may offer lower premiums based on a ULC-certified alarm system.

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring vs. Regular Fire Alarm Monitoring

There is often confusion over differences between a regular fire alarm monitoring system and a ULC fire alarm monitoring system. Here are some key differences:

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

Regular Fire Alarm Monitoring

Protect Your Property. Maintain Compliance.
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